Hi, I'm Jenn Turnham, Mindset Transformation Coach

Jenn has been changing people's lives since 2008
Jenn is an international trainer & mindset transformation coach from Australia.
Jenn speaks and coaches from the field of Applied Psychology and brain science.
Jenn works primarily with female extroverts who are also HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person).

Do you sometimes feel you have to dim your light, or not be your true self, because you are ‘too much’ for some people?

Do you spend time overthinking and overanalysing and sometimes don’t know how to stop and it ends up consuming you?

Do you walk a tightrope between desiring/requiring social interactions and becoming overwhelmed?

Do you find it challenging to balance the ‘kick’ you get from social situations/travel/ learning and the tiredness afterwards?

Do others assume you are tough emotionally because you appear confident, but you cry easily and feel things deeply?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you are an Extrovert but are also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

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HSP, extovert, empowered, empathetic, highly sensitive

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STOP limiting YOU…

STOP limiting YOU! Do you  make a habit of limiting yourself regularly?  You might not...

STOP limiting YOU…
Own your eccentricity – it’s important!

Owning your eccentricity is SO important if you don’t want to lose little pieces of...

Own your eccentricity – it’s important!
Can Control = Freedom?

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Discretion – use it to protect your sensitive heart

Discretion as protection is a new concept I came across recently – and one that...

Discretion – use it to protect your sensitive heart….
Feel like you are just TOO MUCH for some people?

TOO MUCH = too kooky, too vivacious, too much energy, too animated, too ‘out there’,...

Feel like you are just TOO MUCH for some people?
Want more ‘Good Things’ in your life?

‘Good Things’ are literally happening every day, all around us! Do you often find yourself...

Want more ‘Good Things’ in your life?

"Thank you with helping me resolve my professional conflict. I found talking to you helped me put the strategies in place to move forward. Giving me to steps to deal with what the actual problem was, helped greatly. You helped me analyse what was important and what wasn't. I would highly recommend you to anyone that was needing help with dealing with an issue/conflict or even just guidance."

“Jenn totally knows her stuff.”

Life Coach

"I loved the tools given to identify limiting beliefs and how to break them down and change thought patterns at the root. Jenn is a completely engaging, gentle, yet confident presenter."

"Jenn is easy to understand, helpful & friendly. Her lessons are valuable and I look forward to seeing the positive changes in my life by implementing everything learnt today."

achieve goals

"A lot of difficult concepts delivered in an easy to understand way"

transform your life

"I loved the realisation that thoughts and mindset can be rewired. What a relief to know this. Very enlightening. Jenn's a great presenter."