Hi, I'm Jenn Turnham

Jenn has been changing people's lives since 2008
Jenn is an international trainer from Australia, a transformational coach and blogger.
Jenn speaks and coaches mainly from the field of Psychology and brain science.
Jenn works primarily with busy women who usually put others first but now want to incorporate a little more 'me-time' into their lives.

Do you walk a tightrope between desiring/requiring social interactions and becoming overwhelmed?

Do you find it challenging to balance the ‘kick’ you get from social situations/travel/ learning and the tiredness afterwards?

Do others assume you are tough emotionally because you appear confident, but you cry easily and feel things deeply?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you are an Extrovert but are also a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

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Mountains into molehills…

Mountains into molehills is the goal here…. I just returned from a week of relaxation, pampering...

Mountains into molehills…
Energy Vampires – don’t let them get you down

Are you EXHAUSTED?  If you spend your life so tired that it’s stopping you from...

Energy Vampires – don’t let them get you down…..
Calling all Control Freaks!

Calling all control freaks!  I know you’re out there….. I think we’ve all been there…....

Calling all Control Freaks!
Can you say no to unreasonable requests?

Unreasonable requests – they happen all the time…. the question is whether you can protect...

Can you say no to unreasonable requests?
Need to Be Liked….

Is your need to be liked, killing your happiness? Have you ever found yourself introduced...

Need to Be Liked….
Goal Setting that STICKS!

Goal Setting that Sticks!  So you stop feeling like shi*t because you failed! How many...

Goal Setting that STICKS!

“Jenn totally knows her stuff.”

Life Coach

"I loved the tools given to identify limiting beliefs and how to break them down and change thought patterns at the root. Jenn is a completely engaging, gentle, yet confident presenter."

Jenn Turnham Inspirational Speaker

"Jenn is easy to understand, helpful & friendly. Her lessons are valuable and I look forward to seeing the positive changes in my life by implementing everything learnt today."

achieve goals

"A lot of difficult concepts delivered in an easy to understand way"

transform your life

"I loved the realisation that thoughts and mindset can be rewired. What a relief to know this. Very enlightening. Jenn's a great presenter."

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