Things I have learned about freedom along the way….

Freedom is a choice that takes courage and decisiveness.  In order to create freedom in your life, you must make a leap of faith and give something new a try.  It might be scary, in fact it’s pretty much guaranteed to be scary, but that is what makes the end result so liberating and amazing because it took courage to get there.

Freedom won’t just fall into your hands, you must first identify what freedom looks like for you, and then you must fight & strive for it.  There will be obstacles and there will be tough times, but if you keep focused on WHY you are fighting so hard – it’s for your FREEDOM and for living the life of your dreams, then you will make it through the tough times and come out the other side into your ideal life.

It will end up being all the more worth it BECAUSE of what you had to go through to create that life.

Creating a life of freedom is also a process.  You might have to try a few different things before you get to what works for you.  You might have to try and try and try again, make mistakes, fall down and pick yourself back up. Again come back to the WHY which will give you strength to keep going.

Just remember it first starts with that initial leap of faith.  Which might just be saying yes to something when you would normally say no…..

Freedom | Jenn Turnham