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Do you know who you are?

I heard the following statement repeated over & over on one of my favourite TV shows recently, and it stuck with me….  transformation coach

“Do you know who you are…..?

Do you know what has happened to you….?

Do you want to live this way…….?”

I find the first question quite profound, because I believe there are many people in this world who really don’t know who they are.  They have never bothered to contemplate that.  They have never bothered to think about things that they might like to change about themselves or mistakes, choice or decisions they would like to learn from.

I have met a number of people in my short life so far, who have a tendency to go straight from one relationship to the next, in fact I know some who basically stay in a crappy relationship until they meet someone new.  This is very sad ?

It is also pretty much guaranteed that these people will never find happiness, because they don’t give themselves the opportunity to be on their own.

Being on your own helps you work out who you are, what you want from life, from a partner, and what makes you happy.  I am a firm believer that you cannot be happy IN a relationship until you are happy on your OWN.  If you are searching for happiness from a relationship, sorry but you are looking in the WRONG place.

You need to find happiness within yourself first, before you can be truly happy with another person.

Do you know what has happened to you?

This question got me thinking about how our thoughts determine our experience of life.  It is pretty much guaranteed that everyone in their life is going to have to deal with tough times, some more than others, but it’s HOW we choose to think about those tough times that determine whether we get up and keep going or let the tough times beat us.

I’m not suggesting that you plaster a permanent smile on your face and pretend everything is ok, when it is not.  It’s normal to have bad days and down times, but it’s amazing what the human spirit can endure.

So next time you start feeling the ‘poor me’ themed thoughts, maybe it’s time to try to think about the situation differently.  It’s not easy to do but with practice, it can be done, and the more you do it, the easier it gets.

The other thing to remember about tough times, is they help us appreciate the good times.  We need shades of light & dark, and contrast in our lives, otherwise we would not notice the ups and downs.

Do you want to live this way?

transformation coachThis final question got me thinking about our fear of, and resistance to, change.

There are many people out there who just keep doing the same thing over & over even if it doesn’t make them happy, even if it makes them completely and utterly miserable.

This is another way of life that saddens me; because there are so many things you can do to change your ‘lot’ in life.

Yes change can be scary, but guess what?  If you make a change and it doesn’t work out, you can keep making changes & moving forward, until you find what makes you happy.

Change can be exciting, liberating, and freeing.

Don’t be a whinger or a complainer, be a ‘doer’.  If you don’t like something CHANGE it!!!

And on that note, have a fabulous day, whatever you are doing and remember, if you don’t like it – do something to change it ?

Maybe now is the ideal time to start chasing those dreams that you might have put on the back burner for a multitude of reasons.  Don’t find excuses for why you can’t, think about how you can……