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Changes, hiccups & u-turns…..

I have been doing a bit of research and reading lately on manifestation, and living a life of your own creation – i.e. doing what you want & living abundantly with time and financial freedom.

The main thing I have learnt in the last couple of weeks is that TOO OFTEN we get caught up in “BUT HOW?” thoughts.

We start worrying about the details, and wondering if it’s ever going to happen and if so, HOW ON EARTH is it going to happen?

Even more often, we SHRINK our dreams to fit what we THINK is POSSIBLE!

My latest learning has resulted in me doing 3 things:

  1. I have made a new list of BIG DREAMS (or END PRODUCTS) with ZERO details (hows) included.
  2. I am trying to consciously STOP thinking about the details & the HOW. If I catch myself doing this, I remind myself to go back to my BIG DREAMS list.
  3. I am learning to accept that changes, hiccups and apparent u-turns are GOING to happen on this adventure. I just need to TRUST in the process and believe that the Universe has a master plan to help realise my dreams. I just need to put on my seatbelt, start driving and listen to the signs along the way as well as say YES to opportunities as they arise. You never know where those ‘yeses’ will take you……. ?

This new shift has resulted in me discovering an exciting new direction in my ‘life of abundance’ dream.

I thought I had the HOW worked out, and realise I was probably focusing TOO MUCH on that, but now I have learned that there might be another way, and I owe it to myself to follow the signs and try all the options appearing on my path…… exciting times ahead!!

An example of signs appearing along the way……

I attended a training course on the weekend related to my current part-time position.

Expectation: I would learn stuff to help me succeed in my part-time job, that I am purely doing to pay the bills until my abundant life is here.

Outcome: I ended up hearing a TONNE of really cool stuff that related to the new direction I had just started in pursuit of one of my BIG DREAMS.

This, to me, was like a GPS signal along the path to my abundant life.  That the new direction I was taking was spot on!

AND that I should keep going as it would help me get to my destination ?

If I had decided for whatever reason NOT to attend that training course.  I might have missed the ‘sign’, another reason to say YES to opportunities that arise along the way….

PS my new direction idea came from the book “The 4-hour work week” by Timothy Ferriss – a HIGHLY recommended read! ? Thanks Tim!!!

I  have also learned a lot of this from watching Mike Dooley’s free video series found here.  It’s called Learn What it Takes To Get What You (Really, Really) Want!

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