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Technology Fast – 3 tips to survive!!



It’s something that I never dreamed of, until a friend highlighted that my Facebook scrolling may be a little ‘obsessive’. Um, yep that was me, and I’m sure most of us have been caught in this little trap more than once!


The premise behind a technology fast is that we live in such a crazy, busy, technology reliant world, that sometimes we need to force ourselves to take break. There are a multitude of other reasons it’s necessary or preferable, one of the most interesting ones I have read about is the concept of ‘lack of boredom’ in our lives.


That’s right folks, B O R E D O M! Probably quite a foreign concept to you now right?


I wonder if one day the word ‘boredom’ will be found on a list of ‘words that disappeared’…….?


Can you remember when you were a kid and you complained to your mum that you were bored? How times have changed….. boredom is now quite difficult to achieve in this day and age, with most of us constantly connected to our smart phone, which essentially puts the world at our fingertips.



That’s where a technology fast can seem like a good idea. UNTIL you actually try to do it……


That’s when your brain goes into overdrive & throws up a ton of reasons & excuses to delay the ‘switch-off’ or to not do it at all. It really does become like a drug addict in the throws of withdrawals – which, if you are experiencing this, then I would suggest is a BIG RED FLAG that this technology fast is VITALLY important for you to do RIGHT NOW!

When I did my first Technology Free Week, I noticed the following:

  1. Working from home means I seem to be more attached to technology so it’s harder to ‘escape’. Running a business online also intensifies this.
  2. Hence, the immense excitement I was feeling at the thought of going unplugged for 7 days….. ?
  3. The preparation for going unplugged is stressful in itself. SO many things that could normally be postponed to do while on holiday, or while in the car driving to said holiday destination, had to be completed BEFORE the holiday because of their reliance on technology for completion. Add this to the usual stress of getting all work done before going on holiday = MORE stress than normally experienced pre-holiday.
  4. On the day of ‘turn-off’ my brain was bombarding me with reasons I would need to ‘check-in’ with my phone (and therefore NOT turn it off) – e.g. “What if someone needs to get a hold of me?” I noticed a HUGE resistance and hesitation in pressing the OFF button…..!


However, I ignored my addicted brain and finally pressed the OFF switch……….


It was quite a strange, but definitely a liberating feeling J


Interestingly I thought, it shouldn’t feel strange, but that is a reflection of how RELIANT / ADDICTED we now are to our phones, internet & technology.


All in all, the experience was very worthwhile, I had a BETTER holiday than I would have, if I had been ‘chasing’ reception at every town, and checking in on Facebook to see what I had missed. I HIGHLY recommend everyone try this – even if it’s baby steps such as a ‘Facebook free’ day to start with. That’s what I did in the beginning of my ‘addiction’ haha! But then moved on to bigger and better, and decided to try 7 days – BEST THING E V E R!!!

For those who are now motivated to try this, or if you have just realised HOW addicted you are. (when considering the sheer terror of going without for a period of time)

Here are my

3 top tips to survive the week

(or day, if you are starting there):


  • Be prepared.  Work out who you need to notify that you will be ‘offline’ or not contactable.  Create an alternative plan for emergencies.  Work out what you need to do that can’t wait until after you come back online.  Make a list and DO it, so there are NO reasons/temptations to switch back on.


  • Make a decision and stick to it – NO excuses, NO going back, NO weaseling out of it ?


  • Notice what you do, see & feel INSTEAD, when you are not nose-down in your phone – maybe write some of these observations down to distract you from your FOMO.


If you’d like to share your experiences with me, I would LOVE to hear them. You can contact me through my Facebook page here: