becoming a morning person

3 Secrets to becoming a morning person!

I have heard many people bemoan that fact that they are most definitely NOT a morning person. I would argue that a few simple steps could turn that around for anyone. The question is are you ready to try…..? You never know, it might just transform your life!

Thank You from Jenn Turnham



I believe the main secret to becoming a morning person is to develop a ‘morning routine’ that lifts you up, helps you feel productive and incorporates things that either you would like to do more of, or things that have been proven to be good for you. In order to develop the morning routine, you need to use the rules of habit formation.


For example, my morning routine currently includes Meditation, Affirmations, Visualisation, Reading, Journaling and Exercise – you can play around with the time frames of your morning routing, but ideally you need an hour. This can be reduced for mornings that you are crazy busy, or if you have an extra early start.



It definitely helps if you practice getting up a little earlier to do your morning routine, especially if your life is already very busy. After a little while of reinforcing this practice, and completing your morning routine – ideally 30 days – you will start to notice the positive benefits and will start to enjoy it – I promise!



Research shows it takes 21 days to establish a new habit however, what is often forgotten is the fact you then need to reinforce this new habit, otherwise your brain will revert back to a more ingrained habit, perhaps pressing the ‘snooze’ button…..


WARNING: The first 10 days of getting up early to do your morning routine will probably be quite painful due to your ‘lazy brain’ fighting the new way. Our brains don’t like change because it takes extra energy, and our brains are hardwired to use as little energy as possible.


The second 10 days will still require commitment, but you will start to notice the positives of the new habit. After 21 days the new habit will be established at a neural pathway level, but in order to cement it, you need to keep going for at least 30 days.


The final 9-10 days should be much more enjoyable and you will really start to see, and feel, the positive results of the new habit – in this case the morning routine.


This is so powerful that once you have established a morning routine that feels good, you will actually start to miss it if you don’t do it.


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