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Need to Be Liked….

Is your need to be liked, killing your happiness?

Have you ever found yourself introduced to a new person, or a friend of a friend and the next minute you are worried about what they are thinking, and then you alter your behaviour slightly because you really want them to like you?

You don’t even really know them, but you can’t handle it when people don’t like you…….

The ‘need to be liked’ is very common in humans, however it can be much stronger in some people than others.  For example Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) tend to have strong need to be liked and struggle quite badly to overcome their negative feelings when they think somebody doesn’t like them.  More info on HSPs can be found here

The need to be liked stems from a basic survival instinct & the need to not be kicked out of the ‘tribe’….. back in more primitive times, if we were ex-communicated from the tribe, we would most likely die out in the wilderness on our own.  Obviously in today’s society, this is no longer a life or death situation, however our brains haven’t caught up since the primitive times…..

In today’s video I talk about:
– the 2 main problems with letting this need affect your behaviour
– the importance of being who you really are
– the importance of self-love & acceptance in overcoming this need

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