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Can you say no to unreasonable requests?

Unreasonable requests – they happen all the time…. the question is whether you can protect yourself, and your emotional well-being and say NO….

Stop wasting time and precious energy….

Learn to SAY NO to unreasonable requests…..

Have you ever been asked to do something by a boss, family member or friend that you feel is unfair or unreasonable and you feel a bit weird in your gut, or uncomfortable with the request?

Chances are, that this request is crossing one of your boundaries, which may be subconscious.

The topic of boundaries is a very large area, so today I’m going to stick to the specific area of ‘unreasonable requests’.

Some people are notorious for making unreasonable requests of us, and if we say yes – we are not helping the situation, but instead allowing this behaviour to continue. While we cannot change them, we can protect ourselves by setting some helpful boundaries when dealing with this person…

The underlying goal is about educating others as to how they can treat us.

What you are doing….

If you often find yourself doing things that make you mad, upset or resentful– that is a good sign you have a lack of boundaries

If you always say yes to requests, or you have difficulty saying no – that’s another warning sign….

If you are highly stressed or worn out a lot of the time, it could also mean a lack of healthy boundaries….

In today’s video I talk about:

– being asked to do something that you feel is unfair or unreasonable and makes you uncomfortable
– how to tell if a request is unreasonable
– the detrimental effects if we don’t learn to deal with unreasonable requests
– learning to say no

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