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Calling all Control Freaks!

Calling all control freaks!  I know you’re out there…..

I think we’ve all been there…. either worrying about what others are saying about us, or trying to control someone we love because ‘we know better’….. 😛

Would you like to learn to STOP trying to control or change what other’s think of you? And what you can do to help your loved ones without controlling them?  Which is impossible as you have probably figured out already!

In today’s video I talk about:

– tying ourselves up in knots and becoming a little cray-cray
– driving a wedge in our relationships
– the 4 x things in life (yep only 4) over which we have COMPLETE control
– the impossibility of trying to change what others think of us
– they will believe whatever they want to believe
– sphere of control vs sphere of influence

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