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Mountains into molehills…

Mountains into molehills is the goal here….
I just returned from a week of relaxation, pampering & living the good life in Bali.  I learnt some valuable lessons there about taking life as it comes, slowing down, and most importantly appreciation for the AMAZING blessings I was born into, being lucky enough to be born in Australia…..

This week I wanted to continue my “Live your Ideal Life” video series….

In today’s society we are taught to celebrate strength, independence, self-sufficiency and perseverance…..  that is all well and good when the challenges we are facing are surmountable.  

BUT WHAT ABOUT the un-climbable (is that a word?!?!) mountains in our path? 
In this week’s video I talked about:
– throughout life we face many mountains blocking our path
– these mountains are different for each of us -what might seem surmountable to you, might not be for someone else…
– what mountains do to our focus
– how we climb (or not) these mountains
– the importance of surrender
– what happens after surrender – do we get to slack on the couch and wait??

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