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Want more ‘Good Things’ in your life?

‘Good Things’ are literally happening every day, all around us!

Do you often find yourself rushing through life, with your focus on your never ending to do list?  

How often do you consciously STOP to ‘smell the roses’, so to speak?

Do you feel like your life is rushing by too fast?

Well THIS is one way to stop it…..

Have you have ever heard the saying what you focus on expands?  It has merit and is based in brain science, as opposed to being simply ‘woo woo’. Not that I’m against being a little woo woo, but I do like to do things that are proven to work!

The problem with rushing through life, never stopping to smell the roses and always being focussed on the million and one things to do, is that you are stuck in a perpetuating cycle – the more you focus on having TOO much to do, and being too busy etc etc, you are programming your RAS (part of your brain) to show you MORE of that.

In my latest live video, I talk about this as well as:

  • how our brain is constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information
  • how our brain deals with it
  • how the Jar of Good Things Challenge can help transform your world

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