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Feel like you are just TOO MUCH for some people?

TOO MUCH = too kooky, too vivacious, too much energy, too animated, too ‘out there’, too CRAY-CRAY, too loud, too ‘in your face’, too (insert adjective here)

I’m talking about when you get a ‘sense’ from some people that they don’t APPROVE, or they are withdrawing, or worse JUDGING you…..

……so then you start to TONE it down, be a little quieter, not say as much, not be so OUT THERE……

Some of my group members have referred to this as using a dimmer switch, or watering yourself down.

Today in my live video I want to talk about

  • what to do about it when you sense that JUDGEMENT from others….
  • how sad this is
  • it doesn’t work in the long term
  • does you damage
  • it’s a natural defence mechanism
  • there ARE other ways to deal….. AND they are NOT what you would think!

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