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Discretion – use it to protect your sensitive heart….

Discretion as protection is a new concept I came across recently – and one that can be quite difficult for Highly Sensitive Extroverts!

As Extroverts we tend to share A LOT of ourselves with the world…. but have you ever found yourself thinking “Oh dear I wish I hadn’t shared THAT much…..!!”?

This can result in feeling embarrassed, exposed & vulnerable.

In today’s livestream video, I talk about:

  • WHY we do this
  • how sharing ourselves IS a positive that endears us to others
  • it is a sign of a certain kind of fearlessness & self-acceptance
  • BUT can often times lead to being hurt if we open up to the wrong people….
  • what we can do INSTEAD to protect ourselves
  • HOW discretion fits with the concept of still remaining 100% authentic and true to yourself…

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