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Own your eccentricity – it’s important!

Owning your eccentricity is SO important if you don’t want to lose little pieces of your soul over time….

Here’s a thought for you to ponder….. have you ever stopped to wonder how much ENERGY you are wasting when you wear a mask, or shrink yourself, or adjust your personality to hide the real you? We often do this because we don’t think the other person/people can handle us…….

How often do you do this? How does it make you FEEL?

The sad thing is that you are essentially telling yourself – the REAL ME is not appropriate or not good enough somehow…..

Do you hide behind different masks?

Do you find yourself dimming your light?

Have you ever made yourself smaller?

Are you guilty of making yourself quieter?

Ever noticed trying to make yourself more agreeable?

Have you ever tried to ‘fit-in’?

Or tried to be more ‘normal’?

It’s quite normal, because somewhere along the way you may have received the message, from family / a school rule / a boyfriend/ a TV commercial, that it wasn’t acceptable to want to do these things, or be like this, or wear that, or have your hair a certain way etc etc…..

In today’s video, I talked about:

  • OWNING your eccentricities
  • being proud, rather than trying to hide them
  • the cost of NOT owning them…..
  • and what to do instead….

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