3 biggest mistakes when trying to change your life

The three biggest mistakes people make when trying to change their lives. 


Number 1:  It’s not just about being positive. 


People think “maybe I just need to think positively all the time”. It’s not that simple and it also does not work


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I’ll give you a really extreme example to demonstrate my point here, let’s say that someone you love has just been diagnosed with cancer…… I know the feeling because I’ve been there a few times already in my life.


If you just think positively then you could think things like “everything is okay, they’ll be fine”, “life is good, nothing’s wrong”, but guess what’s going to happen? 


Your brain has an inbuilt BSD which stands for Bull Sh*it Detector….. if you start thinking all those positive thoughts, then your brain is instantly going to shout “bullsh*t” at you, which is why it doesn’t work. 


I like to differentiate between positive thoughts, and helpful thoughts, it’s a really significant distinction and once you start looking into brain science as to why it’s a significant difference, it makes a lot more sense.


Number 2: We try to do it all at once!


We decide we want to implement all these changes, to fix all the areas that we’re not happy with in our life ALL AT ONCE! The problem with that is our brain goes into overwhelm, and we get paralyzed and end up not doing anything at all, or we don’t know where to start. 


The key here is to try and do small things daily.  Start with only one, or two, changes at a time until they become part of your daily routine and you end up doing them without having to think about it. Once you’ve got those nailed, then you can choose another couple of changes that you’d like to implement.  


Number 3:  We have completely unrealistic expectations. 


We expect things to happen miraculously overnight, and like the Pantene ad says “it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”!  They’re actually onto something there haha!


Change can be quite scary when we finally decide to make the leap and do something significantly different to what we’ve been doing so far.


Then we want it all to be roses, as soon as possible. I’ve learnt along the way that patience and perseverance are vital if you want to change your life significantly.  There are going to be bumps in the road, I can guarantee that, and there are going to be some really big disappointments too. You just have to keep focusing on doing the small things each day, and before you know it your life will be transformed and you won’t recognise it. 


See you next time….