Become Unstoppable!

Become Unstoppable!


Today I want to share with you, the top three things that have helped me become unstoppable, and some tips to help you overcome or deal more effectively with setbacks and obstacles. This idea was actually given to me by some of the ladies in my free facebook group, Highly Sensitive Extroverts: Bright Sparks. So thank you ladies, and this one’s for you! 


For those who prefer to watch, or listen to videos, please skip ahead to the bottom of the page where you can hear me chat about this topic and give you some pointers.  If you prefer to read the information, then please keep going 🙂


When obstacles or setbacks are put in our path, sometimes our brain decides it would be easier to give up. We become less motivated and it’s hard to continue,  which is totally understandable.


Here’s a story about one of the times this has happened to me.  As some of you know, about five years ago I gave up my career to chase my dream to be a singer.  I thought, naively, that life was going to be wonderful all the time because I was chasing my dreams.  Of course, I was in for a rude awakening and life wasn’t all hunky-dory and smooth sailing all of the time.


Of course, there were setbacks! I worked with a number of guitarists in acoustic duo type situations.  Some of them were strange, and some of them were downright rude and nasty when I tried to extricate myself from the working relationship because it wasn’t working for me. 


After a year of false starts, disappointments, u-turns, and other fun stuff, I auditioned to join a rock band, which became Run for Cover, as their lead singer. The thing I realized along the way is that we need to accept that setbacks are going to occur.  Once we know to expect some hiccups, learning how to deal more effectively with them when they happen, can really help to lessen the impact on our life.  They will then simply become part of the adventure, rather than the reason we give up!


My top three tips to become unstoppable, are as follows: 


      1. All of us have a GPS system.  Depending on your beliefs,  you might call it the Universe, some people might refer to it as God, source, energy, whatever it is that you believe. That’s our GPS system and it’s always recalculating, and it’s always looking for shorter, more fun, happier routes to get us to our destination. So what I’ve learned is the key is to not get too caught up in the ‘how’.  
        What I mean by this, is that we have this idea in our head that this is where we want to go and then we decide how we’re going to get there.  What I’ve learned is it’s best to just keep focused on where you want to go, (your goal or your dream), and forget about the ‘how’. I focus on my goals, my dreams, and what I’m trying to achieve.  I then put my trust in my GPS system. I trust it will get me there!  Sometimes it takes what feels like a roundabout way though!  Sometimes it feels like these obstacles are actually sending you on a U-turn.  They are usually unexpected, which is why we sometimes allow it to feel like a setback or a disappointment.  If you can remember that the universe is working to get you there, the best way possible, and sometimes that means a change, of course, it will really help you to stay on track.
      2. Stay focused on what you can control. There is a lot of stuff that happens in life, that’s completely out of our control. The key then is to focus on our reactions, and our behaviours – those are the things that we can change.  When a setback or obstacle throws you off track, try to eliminate from your mind the things that you CANNOT control and instead focus your energy on what you can.  Sometimes all that is, is your reaction to the situation, or the way you choose to view it.
      3. Yourself that setbacks are going to happen! When they do, feel the frustration, breathe through it, and let it go.  What do I mean by that?
        Allow yourself to feel the emotions, allow yourself to maybe rant and rave a little, write it down or find somebody that you trust and say look I need to get this off my chest.   After that let it go, and shift your focus back to your goal, your dream, your destination.  Remember it’s not about the ‘how’, it’s about the learning, the growing and the adventure along the way, and the fact you make it in the end. 


Those are my three tips!  Good luck on your adventure and I’d love to hear how you applied these tips to become unstoppable!!!


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I hope the rest of the week doesn’t bring you any setbacks and obstacles, but if it does then you’ve got some things to start working on. Take care. See you soon.