Stop Overfilling your Bucket


What I’ve come across speaking to many women, and almost all of my clients, is we all seem to have such a long to-do-list. This results in you filling your day with back-to-back tasks and appointments and racing from one thing to the next. You always feel like you’re rushing, you always feel you’re running late!

Whenever you get somewhere, it takes a while to actually get over all of that rushing, and then before you know it you start rushing again because then it’s on to the next thing!

Even simply describing this is exhausting! 

If this is you, then this video is definitely going to be helpful for you. So why is this “rush rush rush”, racing from one thing to the other…. why is that not working for us? It’s because our brains are constantly playing catch up.  This happens because we don’t allow enough time to process things. 

For those of you who don’t know, one of the criteria of HSPs, is depth of processing. Our brain needs a lot of time to process everything, because we take it to such a deep level. The other thing that is unique to Highly Sensitives is we are sensitive to subtleties, so we notice ALL the things….! 

The above constitute the D and the S in the D-O-E-S criteria, which is what is used to determine whether you’re Highly Sensitive (HSP) or not. 

For those who prefer to watch, or listen to videos, please skip ahead to the bottom of the page where you can hear me chat about this topic and give you some pointers. If you prefer to read the information, then please keep going ?

Think about your brain as a bit of a funnel.  So what we’re doing, when we “rush rush rush” and we constantly add more and more things into that funnel, is we never allow it the chance to empty out.  As a result, we never get to feel a sense of calm and peace.  Unless we are deliberately taking time out, for example to read a book, or to meditate. 

If you combine all of those things that I just described, the “rush rush rush” PLUS the fact that we need more time to process because we process everything in a deep level PLUS the fact that we notice so much more in our world than non-HSPs…….. It’s no wonder that you potentially spend your life feeling like you’re one of those rats on the wheel just going around and around and not actually getting anywhere.

It really is not a pleasant way to live your life.  It’s not very enjoyable, feeling like you’re constantly racing the clock. 

What can we do instead?

The good thing is, there are ways to feel that sense of calm and peace on a more regular basis. 

Remember this term, “transition time”.

HSPs need transition time to move more comfortably from one thing to the next. Transition time is simply creating space between your appointments, and between your activities in order to allow that processing, then noticing, then more processing, and on and on and on. 

So it’s working with your brain rather than fighting against it, and it will give you a totally different experience of life. Let’s try to recreate how it feels to NOT have transition time, to help you get motivated to add it into your life.

Think back to a time when you were racing to an appointment, you get to the waiting room and don’t have to wait long….. you’re being called to see the doctor or the accountant or whoever it is. Can you feel the ongoing angst that’s always within you. 

Now for a contrast, imagine arriving at the appointment, sitting in the waiting room, settling into the space, noticing your surroundings, process it all, then you still have time to grab your book and read for 5 minutes. It would just be a totally different experience. 

The two terms you might choose to remember are transition time and settling in, they are SO important for HSPs to enable us to feel more calm and peace regularly in our daily life.

Your challenge to apply this to your life, and realise the benefits:

  1.  take a look at your diary and work out where you can create space, or add more transition time between activities. Perhaps choose to leave home 10 minutes earlier for appointments.

You might need to shuffle things around a bit at first….. Maybe even delete some things, or not do some things if you can!! How’s that for a concept!  Remember, not everything is absolutely essential, and if you don’t do it, the world will not come to an end (like we sometimes believe).

Your health and your peace of mind is much more important than a lot of these things that you’re trying to squeeze into your day.

  1. Start practicing a new way of scheduling: every time you book something, try and create that space in between your activities, so you are no longer rushed off your feet.
  1. Once you start doing the above, I invite you to stop for a moment and feel the difference, and start to pay attention to the impact it has on you, to add that space into your life.

Once you practice it enough, it will become part of how you do things. Your goal is to get to a point where you aim to do less each day, because you need to have that transition space in between activities.  

I promise you that if you start applying transition time to your life, it will seem more full and more complete, and you will have time to enjoy each moment rather than racing on to the next task or appointment.  It will allow you to start focussing on quality time, not quantity of tasks ticked off on a to-do list.  Why not give it a try and see how it feels? I’d love to hear what you discover…..

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