Jenn Turnham

Jenn Turnham

My name is Jenn Turnham, I am a Motivational Speaker and a Transformational Coach

Jenn Turnham has been changing people’s lives since 2008.  Jenn is an International motivational speaker from Australia, a transformational / change coach and blogger.  Jenn speaks and coaches mainly from the field of Psychology and brain science. Jenn works primarily with busy, overwhelmed career women.  She helps them find more balance in their life, feel happier and more fulfilled, and doing more of what they love.


I am in International Motivational Speaker, delivering life-changing, interactive talks that inspire change, challenge your current thinking and promote personal growth.


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I am a Transformational Coach specialising in helping people find new ways of thinking. I help clients step off the crazy hamster wheel of life, and find more time, to do things that make them happy.


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Change your thoughts, change your world….

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Years with a Bachelor of Psychology
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