Jenn Turnham

Jenn Turnham

My name is Jenn Turnham, I am an International Trainer and a Transformational Coach

Jenn Turnham has been changing people’s lives since 2008.

Jenn has a Bachelor of Psychology and has many years of experience helping people, either one-on-one, or in small groups, both in heavy industry (mining, oil & gas, construction) and corporate groups (office workers, through to CEOs).

She has trained thousands of people in the area of Psychology & Brain Science. The training has mainly focussed on how to use proven, psychological principles to improve your life, and get better results in any area you choose to apply them to.

She specialises in mindset/attitude shifts, making big decisions, and especially loves working with people who would like to chase their dreams, hit their goals, and create a life they love!

Online Transformation Programs

I recently launched the online personal development side of my business, Layman’s Brain Science.  I have programs to help small businesses with client retention, as well as transformational personal development programs for individuals, all based on sound psychological principles, but presented in easy to understand layman’s terms.

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I am a Transformational Coach specialising in helping people find new ways of thinking. I help clients step off the crazy hamster wheel of life, and find more time, to do things that make them happy.


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Change your thoughts, change your world….

My Experience

Years of Life Changing
Years with a Bachelor of Psychology
Ebook released
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