Looking for a Coach/Mentor?

dream chasing, vision, goals, lifecoach

do you fit any of the following……?

Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, & frustrated with where your life is at, or where it appears to be going, or not, going?

Did you have GRAND PLANS when you were younger, but now feel trapped in the daily grind of life?

Have you forgotten the DREAMS you had for your life? Or do you remember them and think “oh, I can’t do that anymore because of x, y & z” (insert a hundred different why nots here)?

Do you feel in your gut that there is something MORE out there for you?

Would you LOVE to get off the rat-race treadmill of life?

Do you WANT to feel fulfilled & happy?

Are you willing to change a few things?

If you answered yes to any of the above, maybe I can help……

things a coach can help with….

  • want to make some changes in your life (career, relationships, health)
  • change habits
  • change mindset / attitude
  • help to make better decisions
  • feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, or stuck
  • want more out of life
  • many more

about me?

  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Many years of experience helping people, either one-on-one, or in small groups.
  • Including industry & corporate experience.

I specialise in mindset/attitude shifts, making big decisions, and I especially love working with people who would like to chase their dreams, hit their goals, and create a life they love!

what next……?