Create Your Own Transformation

Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve in your life, be it weight loss, improved fitness, healthy eating, work goals or business goals – chances are you have some mindset issues holding you back from reaching your true potential.

Most of us have these challenges and they are often referred to as limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts, low self-esteem, negative attitude, or subconscious blocks.

The good news is that YOU can change all of these things, using the tools outlined in this program. The most powerful tool of all is reframing and it involves taking back control of your brain & stop running on autopilot.

Jenn Turnham international speaker

About the instructor

Jenn is the creator and founder of Layman’s Brain Science.  She has a Bachelor of Psychology and has many years of experience helping people, either one-on-one, or in small groups, from heavy industry (mining, oil & gas, construction) and corporate groups (office workers, through to CEOs) through to every day people looking to transform their experience of life through personal development and growth.

She has trained thousands of people in the area of Psychology & Brain Science. The training has mainly focussed on how to use proven, psychological principles to improve your life, and get better results in any area you choose to apply them to. 

Jenn specialises in mindset/attitude shifts, making big decisions, and especially loves working with people who would like to chase their dreams or overcome obstacles and challenges that are getting in the way of creating and living a life they love!

Take control of your thoughts, change your life!  Why wait to start living a life full of more satisfaction?

Course Curriculum

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Awareness: Conscious Brain
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Control your Frames, change your life!