Mindset Mastery

MM 1-3: Power of Gratitude COMING SOON
MM 1-4 Brain: Conscious = Awareness
MM 1-4: Brain: Subconscious Brain = Iceberg
MM 1-5: Reframing: Control your Frames, change your life!
Powerful Morning Routine COMING SOON
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2. Join the Student Facebook Group

FAQs about the Exclusive Course Community (Facebook Group)

Where is the link to join?


When will my request to join be approved?
When you request to join the group, you will be approved within 48 hours M-F.

If your first and last name that you purchased the program with are different than the first and last name you use on Facebook, please email hi@jennturnham.com to let us know.

What are the rules and guidelines of the student group?

1. This is a place to ASK  questions about the content inside the course, to GIVE feedback when requested by other members, to SHARE strategies that are working for you, and CELEBRATE wins.

2. Please try to GIVE before you ASK. Before you ask a question in the group, scan and see if there is a place where you can add value, or help someone else with their question.  This helps build a community where we all help each other out when we can.

Can I share outside links inside the group?