Mindset Mastery

MM 1-3: Power of Gratitude COMING SOON
MM 1-4 Brain: Conscious = Awareness
MM 1-4: Brain: Subconscious Brain = Iceberg
MM 1-5: Reframing: Control your Frames, change your life!
Powerful Morning Routine COMING SOON
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4. FAQ

1. How do I get on the live monthly coaching calls?

The calls will be delivered live inside the course community Facebook Group, so be sure to join the group.  The schedule for the calls will be confirmed in the group, as well as reminders posted when the next call is coming up.  At this stage, they will be scheduled for the LAST Friday each month – time TBC.

If you cannot make the live calls, you can submit questions for Jenn to answer by emailing hi@jennturnham.com.

2. How do I access the recording of the coaching calls if I can’t make it live?

The live calls will all be uploaded to your course dashboard (i.e. right here).  Look for the section marked “Monthly Coaching Call Recordings”.  

So don’t stress if you can’t make the live call, you can watch the recording any time you like.

3. What is meant by Course Community? (mentioned throughout the program material)

That’s our exclusive Facebook Group that is ONLY available to PAID students of this course.  Go back to one of the first sections of the program to find out how to join.

4. How do I get in touch with Jenn?

If your query relates to the course material, please ask in the course community.

If your query relates to something else, please email customer service hi@jennturnham.com.

Please see the previous section “Contacting Customer Service” for response times.