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Helpful Habits

As you learned in the Brain Science modules, habits live in our Subconscious.  The sheer power of habits (if we are using them for good, not evil) is that we don’t have to Think – we just Do….

Habit Formation is a very broad area and can be broken into 2 main categories:

Creating new (in our case we are talking about helpful habits) 

This program focuses on this because I believe that if you add new HELPFUL habits to your life, it is more beneficial than trying to change bad habits.  If we  use the focussing question “What is 1 x thing I can do so that everything else is easier or unnecessary?” in the context of habit formation, it means that creating and focussing on new helpful habit may make the need to eliminate bad habits unnecessary  i.e. they disappear on their own once the new habits take over.

Try it, and if you need further assistance with unhelpful habits, let me know in the course community.

Eliminating unhelpful habits can require more intense professional 1-1 intervention which is beyond the scope of this program for now but as I mentioned, it may be unnecessary if you start to focus on adding new helpful habits to your life.

1. Helpful Habit Formation starts with BELIEF.

If you believe you can change, and you invest valuable brain energy and focus, the change becomes real.  This in turn helps create motivation to continue.

2. It’s about CHOICES

The second thing to remember is that your habits are what you CHOOSE them to be.  If you don’t like them, create new helpful habits.  The power is completely in your hands

3. Don’t forget to include REWARDS.

A lighthearted take on habit formation taken from the book Life on Purpose by Victor J. Strecher:

 “I do not allow myself an alcoholic drink until I have meditated that day .  Since I started that on July 16, I have never forgotten to meditate. I have however forgotten how to drink! Haha!”

Ok, so let’s get started……..

There are 3 audios to listen to on the next pages:

1. My simple 3-step habit formation process

2. Timeframe and what to expect

3. Daily vs weekly vs monthly habits