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What else did you miss?

Did you see a member of the black team leave the game?

Did you see the curtains change colour?

If not, go back and watch it again.

Why did you miss the gorilla, the team member’s departure, and the curtains changing colour?

If we look at the video in terms of the DIPI criteria – I made counting the passes ‘Important’.  I stressed that it was a test of your brain’s ability and you need to completely focus on the team in white.  

On the DIPI scale, a man in a gorilla suit would be ‘Interesting’ which is lower down the hierarchy, so it would not get the attention of your RAS.  

This is because your RAS is focussed on an ‘Important’ task – so the ‘Interesting’ gorilla simply entered your brain and went straight into your subconscious…. meaning you were not ‘consciously’ aware of it.

The next activity is about using the power of DIPI to help us live our ideal life.  Download the worksheet in the next section and start brainstorming!