Thank you for registering for the HSP Discovery Workshop!


Please head to the events page in the group  – link below, and respond ‘going’ to the event that best suits you.


Events Page: Highly Sensitive Extroverts, Bright Sparks Group


**Please note that there are events suitable for members living in the USA, and for those living in the UK/Europe.  You are welcome to attend any event you like, but please check the time conversion post in each event to see which time suits you best.

Please do not use the time that is stated on the event itself as that is Perth, Western Australia Time Zone.

See you soon!

**Cancellation Policy: Your ticket to this workshop is transferable, so if for some reason you cannot make the date you want, please give me at least 24 hours notice, and we can transfer your place to the next workshop. (extenuating circumstances considered for less than 24hours notice eg emergencies beyond your control).  If you do not reschedule your attendance at least 24hour before the event, you will forfeit your place at the workshop.  Thank you for your understanding.