Monthly Get to Know You Chats!

Your chance to meet and chat with other HSP-Extroverts from around the world. Everyone welcome at each online catch up (via Zoom) but be sure to check out the one most suitable to your time zone.

Come and meet other Bright Sparks (HSP-Extroverts), and chat (or listen if you prefer) in a non-judgmental environment and find out how it feels to discuss things, with other people who TRULY understand you! It’s a wonderful feeling.


USA and UK/Europe Time Zones available

If you would like to receive reminders for this event (email and text messages) please book your place at the below link. Be sure to book the correct date as multiple dates will show on the link, but only the dates on this page have the events running.

Please be sure to choose YOUR time zone from the drop down menu to avoid confusion.

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USA Time Zones

PDT – 5:30pm TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2022
EDT – 8:30pm TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2022
Perth – 8:30am WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2022
Sydney – 11:30am WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2022
New Zealand – 1:30pm WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2022


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UK/Europe Time Zones

London – 10am SUNDAY,  OCTOBER 9, 2022
Cairo, Egypt – 11am SUNDAY,  OCTOBER 9, 2022
Perth – 5pm SUNDAY,  OCTOBER 9, 2022
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne – 8pm SUNDAY,  OCTOBER 9, 2022
New Zealand – 10pm SUNDAY,  OCTOBER 9, 2022

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USA Time Zones

PDT – 5:30pm TUESDAY, November 8, 2022
EDT – 8:30pm TUESDAY, November 8, 2022
Perth – 9:30am WEDNESDAY, November 9, 2022
Sydney – 12:30pm WEDNESDAY, November 9, 2022
New Zealand – 2:30pm WEDNESDAY, November 9, 2022


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Here’s what other ladies have to say about the monthly support chats:

“I want to say thank you so much to everyone for this beautiful shared hour. I just can’t wait for the one next month to come. Is so generous of Jenn to give selflessly her time to us absolutely for free. I am beyond thankful. I absolutely love this group and is amazing how one soul brought us all together. I will forever be grateful for this idea you came up with, Jenn, this group and the monthly meetings. You put so much heart and soul into it and of course time. I don’t have enough words of thank yous to say how thankful I am. Big hugs to everyone. I am so happy to have met everyone. ❤️❤️❤️”

~ Carolina GD, Argentina


“I really appreciate the natural wisdom everyone seemed to have. There was authentic caring, listening and validation for one another. The connection is real. We talked about real life. Facebook has a reputation for superficiality that does not exist in this group. It is one thing to connect in posting questions and replies but it is far greater to actually see one another, hear their voices and feel their spirit. We are all HSP-E’s but to experience the uniqueness of each person is a gift 🎁 ❤!”

~ Terry S., USA


“I absolutely love the [free support] you give us. I am so grateful for your time Jenn and the time of the ladies that come along. Listening to you is just validating who I am again and again. Is like I talk to people I don’t really know but I feel like I actually know them by seeing patterns in them that I have, by seeing the way they speak and express themselves, and it being very very similar to mine. With you all I feel I am not broken, i feel i am not weird. Yes i am different from so many other people yet i found MY PEOPLE here and having the chance to chat with you all is just so rewarding.”

~ Carolina GD, Argentina


“Once again I feel so comfortable and understood by the ladies in this group. As HSP we have our hearts and emotions out there always receptive to a deep connection. And with the added Extrovert trait we crave that people to people connection. In this group it doesn’t feel like you are talking with people you have just met. It feels like you are chatting and connecting with someone who immediately understands you – like that long time friend who understands you because they’ve know you for years – but this group makes that connection quickly because of that empathy and openness of ourselves. It quite amazing and hard to explain. Hearing others share their struggle is also insightful to ways we can work in our own self development. Not to forget how great it feels as an HSP to be there for and support others.”

~ Veronique TS


I am always hesitant to try new things, especially if it involves new people… 😬.. no need to be concerned about that! So wonderful to know that the things I’ve experienced or are questioning, so are others. This chat is like being with friends! Try it out!

~ Kerrie C, USA

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Meeting ID: 774 417 2120


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