Bright Sparks Connection Corner

Introducing a safe supportive place for HSP-E’s to confidently and authentically embrace our uniqueness, and overcome our challenges with the support and bonding of other HSP-E’s. People who get and understand you. If you’re an HSP-E, this is where you belong!

ONLY AU$17 for your first month!

(No minimum spend – cancel anytime)

Most of us know that spending time with our fellow HSP-Es, is a POWERFUL way to learn about ourselves, but also add a boost to our own self-awareness, self-acceptance, and confidence.

Connecting with other HSP-Es allows us to open up and completely be ourselves, because we are in extremely supportive environment where everyone just ‘gets us’. It is also a great way to really start to own who you are, embrace your strengths, overcome your challenges, and learn to live more authentically as YOU, more of the time.

So I am inviting you to join me for a very special treat, Connection Corner: Shining Brightly Together.

It is an ongoing group coaching environment, where we meet once per week (Zoom call) and discuss the week’s topic, or any challenges that might have come up for group members during the preceding week.


– are HSP-E

– have ever felt like you don’t quite fit anywhere

– are committed to personal growth and development

– would like to meet others just like you

– would like to experience a sense of connection and community

– would like to get to a place where you see your sensitivity as a superpower rather than a curse

– have never had coaching before, and you’re not sure what it’s all about, or if it’s for you

– would really like to combine your personal growth journey with connecting with, and getting support from, like-minded people

You will discuss, share, bond, support, and lift each other up… as well as learn some tools, skills, and techniques from me, that you can apply to your life.

How it works:

– monthly subscription – cancel anytime – no minimum spend

weekly coaching call

recordings available (currently 50+ recordings in the library plus worksheets and activities)

private Facebook group where you can ask for advice and support on the topics we discussed plus new challenges that may arise for you ( this is separate to the Bright Sparks group)

BONUS support chat where you can access assistance and amazing support from your fellow members 24/7. The beauty of this is that members are from all over the world so chances are someone will be awake when you need them <3

I am really excited about this initiative, and can’t wait to help you get to a place where you can shine brightly!!

**Please note price is in Australian Dollars