Bright Sparks Breakthrough Academy Training Vault Monthly

Introducing access to the Breakthrough Academy Training Vault, all for…….

ONLY AU$17 / month*!

*HURRY this is an introductory price ONLY!  Once the Training Vault grows, the price will increase, BUT, you retain your low intro price for the entire time you hold an active subscription.

(No minimum spend – cancel anytime)

Most of us know that spending time with our fellow HSP-Es, is a POWERFUL way to learn about ourselves, but also add a boost to our own self-awareness, self-acceptance, and confidence.

Connecting with other HSP-Es allows us to open up and completely be ourselves, because we are in extremely supportive environment where everyone just ‘gets us’. It is also a great way to really start to own who you are, embrace your strengths, overcome your challenges, and learn to live more authentically as YOU, more of the time.

BUT……. if you are not ready to join us in  Bright Sparks Breakthrough Academy: For Connection & Growth (full membership) just yet, then why not spend some time in the Breakthrough Academy Training Vault – this is where all the previous recordings of the live coaching/ personal development sessions can be found, plus downloadable PDF summaries and practical exercises.

At any point in the future, you may choose to upgrade to the complete Breakthrough Academy Membership and get:

  • access to Jenn live on the regular coaching calls,
  • access to our exclusive 24/7 Support Chat
  • ability to request topics and get coaching on individual challenges you may be having
  • connection, friendships and access to the extremely lovely and supportive community (other members)

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**Please note price is in Australian Dollars