One might be tempted to assume that all Highly Sensitive People are introverts. In fact, only 70% of HSPs are of this personality type. Years ago, Clare took a test to find out where she was on the continuum and was found to be in the middle, with a small shift towards extroversion. For years she has confidently referred to herself as an ambivert. She figured the remaining 30%, non-introvert HSPs would be split between extroverts and ambiverts. 


Today, Jenn threw that whole revelation out of the window and suggests Clare must stand fully in her extroversion. 


I invite you to listen to find out more about:

00:04:52 What is a highly sensitive person extrovert

00:06:04 Traits of HSP introverts 

00:06:48 Traits of HSP extroverts

00:08:23 Differences between introverts and extroverts

00:14:14 Introvert Men

00:18:07 HSP Extrovert Women

00:20:56 Overstimulation 

00:25:27 Learning boundaries

00:27:17 Industrial Design

00:33:25 HSP Anthem

00:39:19 Ambiverts don’t exist


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This podcast is hosted by Clare Kumar. As a productivity catalyst, highly sensitive executive coach, and speaker, Clare cultivates sustainable performance in busy professionals so they can keep making rich contributions in all areas of life and achieve greater fulfillment. She inspires leaders, professionals, employees, and entrepreneurs to respect humanity and boost performance through marrying productivity and pleasure. After all, why shouldn’t you have fun while getting things done? If you’re a visual learner, please watch this episode on YouTube.  

5 – There are No Ambiverts