This Messy, Beautiful Life with Erin O’Donoghue

Unlocking the Power of Highly Sensitive Extroverts (HSP-Es) with Jenn Turnham


When Jenn first discovered the concept of Highly Sensitive People (HSP), realising that she was one before going on to support other HSPs.

Supporting her family through multiple cancer diagnoses, the loss of her mum and what it led her to realise about how she wanted to live her life.

Giving up a “regular job” to pursue her dream as a singer, becoming part of a rock band in her home town of Perth Western Australia, before becoming chronically ill and transitioning across to coaching and supporting HSP-E women.

The current adventure Jenn and her fiancé are on, travelling Australia in their caravan, following their bliss and chasing the warmer weather.

The “DOES” definition of what defines a HSP; Depth of processing, Over stimulation, Emotional reactivity, Sensitive to subtlety.

The contradiction of HSPs with two distinct parts of their personality that are often in direct conflict, and we often grow up thinking something is wrong with us because we sense from a young age that we are ‘different’.

The impact of childhood trauma on HSPs; both the additional challenges they face and the advantage they have in healing from trauma

My own reflections upon discovering I’m a HSPE, how it shows up for me and how I feel about it!

The power of Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), particularly with HSPs


Jenn Turnham specialises in helping HSP-Extrovert Women – who often have childhood trauma to overcome as well as the other challenges of being a minority within a minority (most HSPs are introverts). With a strong background in applied psychology (B.Psych, MIBWRT (Adv.), Jenn has been using her knowledge, training and experience in helping people use the power of their minds to overcome challenges since 2008. Jenn is also a Registered Advanced BWRT Practitioner which is getting amazing results with trauma, anxiety and a whole host of other challenges.

Jenn is on a mission to educate the world about the unique, brilliant, often misunderstood, very tiny sub-section of the population. She is also determined to unite all HSP-E Women out there and encourage them to see that they matter, they have a powerful voice that needs to be heard, and possess unique gifts that are in short supply in today’s world. Jenn shares her passionate, quirky, eclectic personality through her blog, and in her Facebook Group for HSP-E women, Highly Sensitive Extroverts: Bright Sparks.


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