Success Stories

Alex Indiana, USA

I really enjoyed the time spent with Jenn because she's very focused and answered my questions with simple answers. Answers that are true to the person I have found myself to be as in a Highly Sensitive Person - Extrovert.

Carol El Hawary (Cairo, Egypt)

“I had an empower hour session with Jenn, and she was brilliant. We talked about one specific issue that I'm having at the moment, and she helped me see it from several different perspectives"

Kathy C. (USA)

“I’ve had the pleasure of “knowing” Jenn through her Extroverted HSP Women’s group. Then I started working with her on my life journey to clean up / straighten up / reprogram my mind/life. "

Lisa Ginbey

"Thank you with helping me resolve my professional conflict. I found talking to you helped me put the strategies in place to move forward. "

Ellie G. (UK)

If you are feeling stuck or struggling ladies, then Jenn is definitely the girl to speak to!!

Caren Turnbull

"Jenn is easy to understand, helpful & friendly. Her lessons are valuable and I look forward to seeing the positive changes in my life by implementing everything learnt today." 

Dani Downie

"A lot of difficult concepts delivered in an easy to understand way"

Kaye Belle

"I loved the realisation that thoughts and mindset can be rewired.  What a relief to know this.  Very enlightening.  Jenn's a great presenter."

Jo Smit

"Jenn totally knows her stuff."