I have recently had some BWRT sessions with Jenn and I have to say it really has changed my life.

I had anxiety with was keeping me from living my life. I’d have an attack leaving the house, or going grocery shopping or driving any distance. I’d even start when I knew that a had a longish drive of anything over 30min away. Going to work was exhausting and stressful as I’d run to the loo any opportunity I got.

It was just getting worse. I’d been to therapy, done online courses, meditating, hypnotherapy. Nothing worked as I’d just think about it and the feeling would arise. My anxiety would make me feel I needed to go to the toilet which made it worse as I’d worry I would wet myself.

After the first session with Jen over zoom I realised very quickly that it had worked as I could go do all these things without a panic attack, without worrying about it before I went out. Without planning all the places I could stop on a trip anywhere. I even went car shopping and test drove a 4WD and I’d never driven anything bigger than a sedan before. I then bought the car I felt so good! I go shopping and drive distances in the car for an hour and don’t need to stop along the way to pee or breathe because of the anxiety. It’s amazing and so freeing!!!

Thank you so much Jen for discovering this gem of an idea. It works and I’m back to living again. And it was so easy and fast!!! I recommend it to anyone.



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