Ellie G. (UK)

If you are feeling stuck or struggling ladies, then Jenn is definitely the girl to speak to!!
“I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND coaching sessions with Jenn Turnham.
Yesterday I had a session booked with Jenn and I actually had planned to talk to her about a long term relationship problem that I have wrangled with for a few years . I wanted another viewpoint from someone with knowledge of psychology & expert skills…and some new ideas on dealing with the issue in order to finally make a decision on how to move forward.
However ,the previous day something happened in my life that really disturbed and upset me , I was anxious , angry and extremely upset .I knew I could not think about anything else until I found a way to mentally come to terms with this issue. My head was all over the place and I felt totally overwhelmed.
So, I changed course entirely and put the other, less urgent, stuff on the back burner for another time.
Jenn was fantastic , she listened attentively while I described the situation, my thoughts and my emotions and then had a massive rant ? (bless her, she was so patient, I think I nearly talked her ears off). Jenn seemed to understand just how I was feeling and helped me to an awareness and acceptance of why I felt this way….soon I could see that it was perfectly natural under the circumstances (I had been shaming myself for reacting & feeling as I did).
Jenn gave me some really great ideas of how I can deal with what had happened moving forward and keep myself strong and balanced while I do so.
After spending just half an hour on ‘Zoom’ with Jenn I had a completely different mindset to the one I had started my day with. I felt strong, calm and balanced …and I was actually able to chuckle (ironically) at what had happened the previous day. THANK YOU SO MUCH JENN ❤️?.
If you are feeling stuck or struggling ladies, then Jenn is definitely the girl to speak to!!





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